Top 5 money-saving hacks to reduce the cost of your all-inclusive holiday

There are lots of ways that you can save money on an all-inclusive holiday, but sometimes the simplest ways are the best. Whether you find the following tried and tested methods to be pretty obvious or a revelation, we find that many people overlook these money-saving tips, so we’ve put them all together in a handy little top 5 list for you.

Make 2017 a holiday year

1. Book your all-inclusive holiday early

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s astonishing how even though we’re all unique, we have a habit of doing a lot of things the same way. This is great for holiday companies who know that the majority of us will have a sudden scramble to book our break away a few weeks before we actually want to travel, but not so good to us.

Holiday companies are like any other business, as in they follow trends to maximise their profits, meaning that when demand is high, they can afford to hike their prices up. The trick is to find the sweet spot, and while this can require regularly checking all-inclusive prices throughout the year, most short-haul holiday destinations work out cheaper if you wait until around 2 months in advance, and ensuring that you allow for a bit more time for long-haul holidays, up to 6 months in advance if you’re considering going to Mexico.

2. Book at the last minute

While we’d say that it’s best to plan ahead, if you’re feeling spontaneous and just want to get away from it all with nowhere in particular in mind, then booking at the last minute could save you some serious money. Airlines and hotels have overheads to worry about, and if they can fill seats and rooms by offering you a discount, then why not take advantage?

Of course, this method is very dependent on your circumstances. If you have to book a certain amount of time off a year (because you have a job or children in school), then this approach might not work, and equally if you have any special requirements or need to know that the hotel you’re travelling to will be child friendly, then booking in advance might save you any potential disappointment when you can’t book your dream break abroad.

3. Reconsider your destination

Somewhere like Spain might be practically your second home, but when it comes to saving a few notes, you might want to consider travelling a bit farther afield. There’s often a misconception that all long-haul holidays are prohibitively costly compared to travelling within Europe, but some can work out to be considerably cheaper.

Usually, this is due to the local economy, as countries such as Spain have a more affluent society overall than somewhere like Cuba or Mexico. Because of this food and accommodation tends to be cheaper, and with holiday companies trying to offer the best deal possible, you should see those savings passed onto you.

4. Fly from a different airport

This one might feel like a bit of a stretch but bear with us. You might find the travelling aspect of a holiday to be a bit arduous, but whether you see it as part of the adventure or not, checking to see if it’s cheaper to fly from another airport could save you a packet.

For instance, if you’re close enough to the border between England and Scotland, or if you’re happy with a connecting flight before you’ve left the UK, then choosing to travel from a different airport is worth considering, especially if you have children who are still in school. The school holidays in Scotland and England invariably land on different dates, meaning that holiday companies surge their prices at different times.

While hopping over the border, or even just choosing an airport a bit further away could mean travelling for that bit longer, it could lighten the load on your wallet.

5. Travel mid-week

It’s understandable that travelling around the weekend is preferable; it bookends the holiday nicely, it can make booking time off of work easier, and if you have children in school it could be your only option. Airlines take advantage of this trend, and more often than not you’ll find that increased airfares at the weekend will push up the overall cost of your break abroad.

If have the option to fly out and return mid-week you could save money on the overall cost of your all-inclusive break, money which could be put towards upgrading your holiday, picking up some nice holiday clothes, or put towards your next getaway.

Super-secret 6th money saving tip

Okay, this one isn’t exactly super-secret (mostly because you just had to read this article to find it), but if you want to take the hassle out of finding out the latest all-inclusive deals, then why not sign up to our all-in Travel Club newsletter? We’ll send you our pick of the latest all-inclusive deals directly to your inbox so you can pick and choose where you want to go at your leisure.

Did we miss anything?

Have we made a blunder and missed a really obvious money saving tip? Have you found a way to make a big saving on your all-inclusive holiday? Don’t keep it to yourself, let us know in the comments; if we really like your suggestion it could make it into our next list.

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