Save money by super-sizing your package holiday

An all-inclusive package holiday can allow you to effectively budget your holiday, without having to burden yourself with the worry that a meal or excursion is going to tip you over the edge. Having said that, there will always be the odd extras here and there once you’re abroad, but if you plan ahead and super-size your holiday, you might make quite a saving.


Find out what restaurants are included

While you could be forgiven for thinking that all-inclusive means that everything is included, you might find that some there are some limitations on what you’re entitled to at any given hotel. For instance, you might find that while you’re able to visit the buffet or snack bars as often as you like, but if you want to go to a speciality restaurant, you are only entitled to so many visits during your stay.

Some all-inclusive hotels are more relaxed and have fewer limitations on where you can dine, so if you want the freedom to eat wherever you want, or if there’s a specific speciality restaurant that you’re interested in, make sure you check your entitlement before you book.

Ask about which drinks are available


You might want to let your hair down and enjoy a drink once you get on holiday, but if you’re picky about the brands that you prefer to drink, it might be worth having a chat with your holiday company first.

Some all-inclusive hotels have been known to only offer locally brewed beverages as part of an all-inclusive package, meaning that internationally recognised brands might not be available. Fixing this issues could simply be a matter of choosing the right package, but doing so is not always essential, as some hotels are more lenient, and provides that you ask for your drinks by brand, they’ll pour from a recognisable bottle.

Check which excursions are accessible

Excursions are almost always an additional cost, but if you plan on spending more time exploring than relaxing at your hotel, it’s worth investigating what’s available on an all-inclusive before you pay for your break abroad.

Most excursions are provided by a third party, meaning that although you might find some instances wherein a holiday company has an exclusivity deal, the excursions could also be available direct from the operator. Because of this, it’s advisable to shop around, as the price difference between an excursion from your holiday company or the excursion operator themselves could be bigger than you might have thought.

Investigate access to nearby hotels

It’s not uncommon for one all-inclusive hotel to partner with another, especially if they’re nearby or part of the same brand. This could be a huge benefit to you, as you might have access to their facilities at no extra charge, which can be a great way to bring down the cost of your holiday.

You might find that you have a bit of an extra walk to go to a different restaurant or you could face the possibility of a shuttle bus ride, but you could also get the chance to enjoy a higher quality meal while paying for cheaper accommodation.

Look into the facilities close to a hotel

It’s also advisable to check what facilities are near to the hotel you’re interested in, as some all-inclusive hotels are situated next to golf courses and water parks, some of which can be expensive to gain entry to, but you might find that admission is included as part of some all-inclusive packages.

Depending on how you plan to spend your holiday, this could result in a massive saving for you and your family. If you happen to be travelling with younger children, imagine how pleased they’ll be if you can tell them that they can go to a nearby water park as often as they like, without having to worry about any additional cost?

Do your research

It’s important to keep in mind that while some all-inclusive packages might appeal because they have been super-sized with access to nearby facilities or excursions, it’s advisable to check the difference in price if you were to pay for everything separately.

Ultimately, this comes down to the importance of doing your research before you book your holiday. There are plenty of great deals out there (we’ve even listed a few of them in this article), but if you’re after something specific, don’t shy away from taking the time to thoroughly investigate your options.

Have you tracked down a bargain?

If you’ve found an all-inclusive package that you feel provides really great value, feel free to share it in the comments below, or if you think we’re missing an important step in how to make the most of an all-inclusive holiday, leave us a message and we might include your idea in a future article.

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