Cala Millor, Mallorca

Cala Millor roughly translates as ‘the better bay’, potentially a jab at the nearby Cala Bona which is known as ‘the good bay’. As part of the many exceptionally popular resorts in Majorca, Cala Millor has something for everyone, especially families looking for a more relaxing break away from it all.


Cala Millor holiday guide

The Weather

The weather in Cala Millor begins to warm up in May, with June, July, August and September being the peak months before things begin to cool down in October. Expect highs that approach the 30°C mark in summer, and if you want to travel out of the peak season you’ll be pleased to know that it’s still likely to be warmer than the weather in Britain.

Cala Millor Mallorca weatherCala Millor Mallorca

Please note that these temperatures are average highs for Cala Millor and were correct at the time of writing.

Current Prices

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Estimated Transfer Time

By Coach: 105 minutes

Once you’ve gathered your bags, boarded the transfer bus and pull away from Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI), expect your transfer to take around an hour and 45 minutes, or an hour at the very least.


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Many of the all-inclusive restaurants in Cala Millor offer an international buffet, most of which offer show cooking for those who want to know what goes into their meal. Some restaurants offer themed nights and à la carte dining, with nationalities such as Italian, Asian and Tex-Mex proving popular.


Expect to find snacks available throughout the day, along with treats for younger guests and those with a sweet tooth, such as cakes, ice creams and more.


All-inclusive hotels throughout Cala Millor offer a variety of saltwater and freshwater outdoor pools, alongside heated indoor pools and children’s splash pools and waterparks. There are usually facilities for team sports such as football, basketball and volleyball, as well as more relaxing games of darts and table tennis.


Spa’s often offer massage and relaxation treatments alongside well-equipped gyms that ensure that you don’t miss out on your exercise while you’re away from home.


Kids shouldn’t go bored at an all-inclusive in Cala Millor, as a hotel run kids clubs are quite common and usually feature daytime entertainment and activities, along with mini-discos in the evening. For adults, most hotels put on live shows and music, as well as traditional holiday quizzes and rounds of bingo.


Cala Millor beach is a picturesque stretch of almost Desert Island-like sandy goodness, but with nearby shops, restaurants and lifeguards. This beach is ideal for adults and couples looking to get their holiday fill and most all-inclusive hotels are located either next to the beach or only a few minutes’ walk away, making the nearby restaurants optional rather than a necessity.

Who Goes There?

Like many other parts of Majorca, Cala Millor is very popular with German holidaymakers, however, British tourists are well catered for with plenty of English pubs and bars, as well as English speaking locals.


Taxis are available throughout Cala Millor, however, they’re rarely a necessity. The local bus services are reasonably priced and provide you with easy access to Majorca.


As with public transport during any package holiday, we recommend speaking to your holiday representative about the options that they recommend. They may have a deal with a local taxi company, or at the very least may be able to book your taxi for you.


Ensure that you always agree how much your fare will be before starting your journey to avoid scams or uncomfortable moments upon arrival.


Cala Millor is very popular with younger adults looking to enjoy the party atmosphere, but it also has a few fun activities for the family, as well as some great opportunities for exploration.


    Great for families and big kids


    Go on a snorkelling expedition – The sea around the Cala Millor beach is known for being very calm, making it ideal for snorkelling and enabling tourists to scour the seabed for aquatic life and exciting sights.

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    Take in the Balloon Regatta – Every October Cala Millor becomes home to one of the world’s biggest hot air balloon events, as over 60 balloonists take part in an international race that makes for incredible photo opportunities.

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    Discover nature at Auto Safari Zoo – Indulge your inner-David Attenborough and go on a safari. While you might not get the chance to get as close to nature as Sir Attenborough does, you can take in the Zebras, Giraffes, Elephants and Monkeys from the comfort of a drive around the 4-kilometre circuit.


    Great for adults and teenagers

    Shopping in Mallorca

    Shop for souvenirs and more – Cala Millor is home to Passeig Cristofol Colom; the main shopping drag from which you can buy everything from clothes to perfume and handbags, as well as souvenirs, handmade goods and even bottles of Rioja.

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    Fill up on authentic Majorcan food – If you want something a little different than the cuisine on offer at your all-inclusive hotel, take a trip to one of the many local restaurants, including Tia Jass, Avenida del Bon Temps 26, where they serve authentic local dishes.

    Water icon

    Take on the local water sports – There are plenty of opportunities for water sports throughout the region, including water skiing, jet skiing, banana boating, SCUBA diving, boardsailing and fishing.


    **Details correct as of November 2016, however, errors can occur, deals can expire and facilities can change. Please treat this information as a rough guideline. If you notice an obvious error or a better price, let us know and we’ll update this page.

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