How to cheat the 2017 holiday Brexit price hike

  • Prices to go up by 10% say experts
  • Oil not Brexit could be the real factor
  • Hunting around for the best deal can easily save that 10%

Brexit means brexit, apparently. But what does it mean for holidays?

Well, whether you were in or out, the feeling is we might have to accept that we might have to shell out a bit extra for a holiday – at least for 2017.

Does that mean you shouldn’t have that sunny holiday abroad that you deserve?

Does it ‘eck.

Make 2017 a holiday year

It just means that hunting around for the best holiday deal is going to become more important than ever.

It also means it’s a better time than ever to go all-inclusive. Save the nervous checking of the exchange rate every day worrying about whether it is a good time to get your money or not. It’s not worth it!

So, what’s the hit going to be in 2017?

According to The Huffington Post, prices might go up 10% because of the exchange rate for the pound.

If you think about it though, it’s hardly breaking the bank. A holiday worth £200 per person will be £220 per person. About the cost of upgrading for that person to be let on the plane first (which as we all know, sometimes doesn’t even happen anyway…)

If you just spent that little bit of extra time hunting for the best deal that you should have done before, then you can probably save that 10%.

Is it really Brexit?

Those of you in the Leave camp will be glad to hear that oil prices might also be a key culprit behind the change. Higher oil prices mean higher petrol prices and that means it’s more expensive to fire you through the air to where you want to go.

It seems like it must be an important reason as the post-Brexit pound costs about the same in euros as it did in 2013, and the exchange rate wasn’t headline news at the time.

How do I find the best deal then?

Check out all the major tour operators

We’ve got all the latest deals all in one place so you can quickly browse through and see what prices they’re advertising. It saves you having to go to each website on a fact finding mission – let us pick out the facts for you!

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Go all-inclusive

As we’ve already, said – go all-inclusive! Relax knowing that you’ve got the golden ticket to eat, drink and be merry. Let the politicians worry about the exchange rate.

Go further afield

Ever wanted to go on holiday over Christmas or Easter but never really got round to it? Now might be the time. If you go further, you’ll still get the weather and the exchange rate won’t be so much of a bother.

St Lucia is a perfect place to start your search.

Great weather, exotic and renowned for luxury travelling at an affordable price. Click on the hotel name to be taken through to the deal:

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