How to avoid baggage fees – Save money as you pack for your holiday abroad

  • Swap your hard case bags for fabric
  • Make the most of your luggage allowance by using empty space
  • Ditch folding and learn the effective rolling technique

At all-in Travel Club our goal is to save you money on your all-inclusive package holiday, and while we’re always doing our best to hunt down the best money saving deals on holiday bookings, there are other ways to make a saving on your trip abroad. One of the often overlooked ways to reduce your travelling costs is to pack your luggage more effectively.

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Be prepared

One of the most beneficial things that you can do to save money on a holiday is to make sure that you properly prepare yourself before you begin packing. This might sound a bit silly, but while you could get away with a few last minute packing tasks, setting aside some time for the following task could make a lot of difference to the cost of your trip abroad.

Check your weight allowance and spread the load

Checking your weight allowance is a bit of a basic packing tip, but knowing what your carry-on and hold luggage allowances are ahead of travelling can be essential if you’re pushing the weight restrictions to the limit.

It can be preferable to only pack essentials in your carry-on bag, but you could save yourself some money by throwing a pair of shoes or any other heavier items in the bottom of your carry-on bag. Alternatively, if you’re travelling with friends and family, sharing weight between bags is a no-brainer.

It’s also worth considering doing a trial pack of your bags and checking the weight well in advance of your flight. Many airlines offer discounts on additional weight allowances if you notify them ahead of schedule, but if you wait until check-in you could find that you’ll face a hefty charge.

Consider using a fabric bag

Although hard cases can be preferable to fabric bags as they can provide additional protection to your belongings, if you want to decrease the weight of your luggage to save some money, a fabric bag could be the way to go.

Generally speaking, fabric bags are lighter than their hard shell counterparts, plus they have the added benefit of featuring convenient pockets, allowing you to maximise your available space in the main compartment, while still having access to your essentials.

Don’t pack empty space

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Many of us make the error of packing our bags with the intention of placing everything neatly away so we know where it is when we arrive at our destination, but doing this can result in empty luggage space going to waste.

Shoes are the biggest culprit of wasted space, especially men’s shoes and trainers which can typically result in a lot of wasted space. By packing socks, underwear and other such items tightly into and around your shoes, you can make the most of what would otherwise be wasted space.

It’s also a good idea to pack larger and heavier items first, fitting in lighter and smaller items around them. Efficiently packing a holiday bag is essentially a real-life game of Tetris, but rather than racking up points, you’re aiming to save money; so you could view this tip as your holiday money saving cheat code.

Consider your liquids ahead of time

The rules regarding how liquids can be carried on a plane have been in effect for some time now, and many companies continue to take advantage of these rules by selling overpriced smaller versions of their popular products. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to get around this.

Keep an eye open in your local supermarket and shops such as pharmacies that sell toiletries throughout the year, especially if you’re planning on travelling in the summer. Products that conform to the 100ml limit go through stages of being on sale, but it’s unlikely that they’ll be reduced close to the summer when they’re in high demand.

An alternative method is to purchase reusable 100ml bottles. Many high street retailers and online stores stock these, and by purchasing these you can fill them with whatever product you want and reuse them year after year.

Don’t fold, keep rolling

We hate to break it to you, but you might have been packing your holiday luggage the wrong way. While folding clothes before you pack them makes perfect sense, you could be wasting a lot of space. By rolling your clothing, you could find that your clothes take up far less space than they did when they were folded.

The rolling technique is very simple. For T-shirts and tops just tuck the sleeves in and roll them as tightly as you can. For any sheer tops or thing dresses, bundle them together and use the same method. While you might crease some items, you should save a lot of space by using this method, and by hanging your clothes as soon as you arrive at your hotel, potentially in a warm bathroom just after taking a shower, any minor creases should come out.


Have you got a holiday luggage packing tip?

Have we missed an obvious trick? Have you got the secrets to luggage packing nirvana? Let us know and if we think that your suggestion stands out we could include it in a future article.

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