Hurghada, Egypt

Since the closure of Sharm El-Shiek to UK tour operators, Hurghada has become the go-to place for British tourists in Egypt. Featuring much of what made Sharm great, including water parks and all-inclusive hotels that ensure that the whole family is entertained without having to step foot outside the resort, to sights that include the pyramids and once-in-a-lifetime experiences exploring Egypt.


Hurghada holiday guide

The Weather

If you like it hot, then Hurghada is for you. Between May and September, temperature highs can soar above the 30°C mark and for those that prefer travelling outside of the peak season they usually reach above 20°C. Put simply; it’s unlikely to be cold.


*Please note that the following temperatures were correct at the time of writing.

Current Prices

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Estimated Transfer Time

By Coach: 60 minutes

Practically all UK tour operators offering all-inclusive package holidays to Hurghada fly into Hurghada International Airport (HRG). Transfers take on average at least between 20 minutes and an hour.


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While Hurghada has long been popular with British tourists, both the buffets and à la carte menus cater to international tastes, and due to the size of many of the all-inclusive hotels in Hurghada, there’s often a choice of multiple restaurants with different themes.


Egyptian favourites are often offered, as are Caribbean, Italian, Indian, Greek, Lebanese, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and Mediterranean menus, alongside grills and barbeques. At many of the family-focused resorts you’ll find a children’s section in the buffet, and if you’re looking to enjoy Hurghada during the festive season, you’ll be pleased to know that many resorts off Christmas and New Years’ Eve gala menus.


In the hot heat of Hurghada, it’s not surprising that swimming pools feature prominently at most all-inclusive hotels, with many providing separate adults and children’s pools, some of which feature water slides to keep little ones busy, and others even featuring a waterpark.


Due to their size, most all-inclusive hotels in Hurghada are packed to the brim with facilities, with most providing sports equipment, gyms, spas and video games. There’s usually a hotel run kids club, as well as dedicated teenager clubs and activities.


There’s also usually the opportunity to take part in activities on the beach, with everything from pedalos to snorkelling often being made available by the hotel.


While most resorts advertise that evening entertainment in Hurghada is modest, many hotels in Hurghada put on shows that can include singing, dancing, live music and other shows for children and adults respectively, meaning that you’re unlikely to find yourself at a loose end.


Unlike many popular resort towns around the world where you’ve got to jostle with the locals for a prime space on the beach, in Hurghada, practically every hotel has its very own private beach. Another highlight of Hurghada is that the hotels are often located directly across from the beach, so you don’t have to worry about a lengthy trek from your hotel to the sea.


In the rare instances where hotels are located a bit further from the coast, there’s usually a free shuttle bus service available, even if the beach is only a few minutes’ walk away.

Who Goes There?

Aside from swathes of British tourists, Hurghada has also become very popular with Russian holidaymakers in recent years, sometimes outnumbering the Brits. As with most destinations popular with Europeans, you’re likely to run into a few families from Germany and don’t be surprised to encounter a few people from the Ukraine. Other nationalities visiting Hurghada include the Italians, the Saudi Arabians, the Polish and the Libyans.


Taxi drivers in Hurghada do well out of the tourist trade, so don’t be surprised if you make eye contact and a taxi stops next to you and asks where you would like to go.


Generally, a taxi in Hurghada should cost between 10 and 25 Egyptian pounds (often abbreviated to LE), but ensure that you agree on a total price for the entire journey before departing and that your taxi driver knows where he’s going. It’s also wise to explain what denomination you have on you and how much change you will receive (i.e. for a 10LE journey you will give him 50LE and expect 40LE in change), as some taxi drivers can try to scam you out of more money.


While the heat in Hurghada can make lounging by the pool or the beach appealing, if you want to take advantage of an excursion offered by your tour operator there’s plenty to do in the region.


    Great for families and big kids


    Visit Makadi Water World – Considered to be Egypt’s largest waterpark, Makadi Water World has a staggering 50 slides available for the whole family, from slides for little ones to aquatic rides that defy gravity.


    Board a Submarine – Sinbad Submarine offer the opportunity to get up close to the myriad of tropical fish that live around the waters of Hurghada, and by viewing them from a submarine you don’t even have to get wet.


    Dolphin Safari – Unlike the ethically questionable opportunity to swim with dolphins in pools, in Hurghada, you can go on a dolphin safari where you can see dolphins in as close to their natural habitat as you can get.


    Great for adults and teenagers


    Visit Cairo – Cairo can be reached by coach from Hurghada, but keep in mind that it’s quite a distance away, meaning that this type of excursion will more than likely take you the day. Take a packed lunch before you depart.


    See The Pyramids – While you’re in Cairo you would be missing a trick if you didn’t visit the oldest of the 7 Wonders of the World; the Great Pyramid of Giza, as well as the Egyptian Museum where you can see exhibitions containing artefacts of King Tutankhamen.


    Ride a Camel – Perfect for fans of Lawrence of Arabia; speak to your tour operator about the opportunity to ride a camel while you’re in Egypt. Your friends and family might not believe you’ve been to Egypt if you don’t.


    Explore the Sahara – If camels aren’t for you; some tour operators provide excursions through the Sahara by jeep, so you can view the expansive dessert from the comfort of four wheels.


    Go shopping in El Dahar – Fancy dusting off your haggling skills? El Dahar can be found to the north of Hurghada in the old town, with shops packed with souvenirs, where haggling is considered obligatory.


    Sail Makadi Bay – Some tour operators offer all-inclusive guests the opportunity to board a sailboat and take a relaxing cruise around the Makadi Bay, providing a chance to unwind and take in the sights.


    **Details correct as of November 2016, however, errors can occur, deals can expire and facilities can change. Please treat this information as a rough guideline. If you notice an obvious error or a better price, let us know and we’ll update this page.

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