Could this be THE week to book a cheap summer holiday?

  • Flight prices reported to have dropped by up to 40%
  • Destinations include Ibiza, Portugal, Alicante, Majorca and Mexico
  • Find out if this is the week to book your summer holiday

Online sources report that despite the value of pounds sterling taking a recent nosedive; the price of flights has dropped, meaning that this could be the perfect time to book your money saving all-inclusive holiday.


Where is it cheap to travel to?

Recently it’s been suggested that popular flights from the UK to destinations such as Ibiza, Portugal, Alicante and Majorca have seen the most dramatic decrease in price, which is ideal for a large number of British tourists who travel there year after year. Pula in Croatia shows the most savings, with an average reduction of the cost of flights of around 40%.

Is it just short-haul flights that are affected?

If you prefer to travel a bit further away from home, you’ll be pleased to know that it appears that some long-haul flights have also seen a price decrease. This is great news for those who prefer to go beyond Europe, as the cost of flights can make up a relatively large proportion of the overall cost of a long-haul package holiday.

Mexico is becoming an increasingly popular all-inclusive destination, so it’s great to see online reports suggesting that flights to Mexico City have recently decreased by 40%, with other busy destinations such as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Phnom Penh in Cambodia, Auckland in New Zealand and Singapore seeing a price decrease of around 20%.

Will cheap flights reduce the cost of my all-inclusive package holiday?

While tour operators are obviously in business to make a profit, they want to make sure that their prices are as attractive as possible. Because of this, their prices can change on a weekly or even daily basis, as they find ways to save a little money or decide that there’s enough demand to put their prices up without losing customers.

Remember that if every aspect of your package holiday can influence the price, then any changes to the food being supplied to the kitchen, how much hotels charge for a room, and the cost of aeroplane fuel, can affect how much you pay.

How much could I save?

How much you could save by booking right now depends on how much you’re planning to spend and where you intend to travel. For instance, a single flight to Mexico could cost you around £600, meaning that a 40% reduction could equate to a saving of £240, which for a family of 4 would work out to a saving of nearly £1,000 on a holiday.

Am I guaranteed to save money if I book now?

Holiday prices can change because of a variety of different factors, including fluctuations in currency exchange rates and the time of year that you plan to travel, but it’s unlikely that prices will dip much lower than this if you plan to go abroad this summer. In fact, for many destinations, it’s likely that they will rise.

Unfortunately, tour operators can choose not to pass the savings they make on the cost of flights onto you. They could just choose to hold onto the profits if they believe that a holiday will sell well at the prices they are currently advertising, so there’s no guarantee that the holiday you want will be at its lowest price right now.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if your desired destination isn’t close to any of these locations, you might find that the current savings won’t quite add up to as much as a £1,000.

Should I book my all-inclusive holiday now?


Yes and no. It’s always a good idea to allow plenty of time to book an all-inclusive holiday if you want to save a bit of money, unless you have the freedom to book a break abroad at the drop of a hat and don’t particularly mind where you go, in which case there are some incredible last-minute deals that can be had. Generally, it’s advisable to book a short-haul holiday at least 3 months in advance if you want to get a good deal, or between 6 months to a year in advance for most long-haul destinations.

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