Book 9 days holiday, get 18

Holiday hack discovered, take advantage quick!

  • 2017 offers unique holiday cheat opportunity
  • Make use of bank holidays in Spring to double your time off
  • Find out the perfect places to go at that time of year

We’ve found out a genius way for you to get almost three weeks off for the price of two.


We could charge you for this kind of quality information (or at least politely ask request that you become a member!) but we’re in a generous mood.


So listen up, settle in and get ready to learn how to maximise your holiday days.



What do you have to do then?

Open up your calendar, zoom forward to April and you’ll find the following holidays:


  • Friday 14th April is Good Friday
  • Monday 17th April is Easter Monday
  • Monday 1st May is Early May bank holiday


Now make a note of the following days, ready put into your holiday management system…


  • 18th – 21st April (4 days)
  • 24th – 28th April (5 days)


As you can see – 9 days annual leave days + 6 weekend days + 3 bank holidays days = 18 days for you to enjoy


A bit of a disclaimer: This will only work if you work traditional hours (Monday to Friday with Bank Holidays off), so sorry to anyone who works in retail or any other job with irregular hours, as this might not work for you.


I’m booking the time off now, where do you recommend I go?

It’s the perfect time to book your Easter getaway – you’ve got a few months to get everything finalised, and if you over-indulged over Christmas there’s time to drop that festive weight.


But keep in mind that this trick is hardly a secret, and there will be a lot of other people aiming to book the same time off. So it’s highly likely that holiday prices are going to see a bit of an increase. Best to do some hunting now!


Thomas Cook has a great collection of April deals at the moment – have a look at some of the places to go below and click through to visit the site:



When are the remaining bank holidays?

There are still a few bank holidays to come for the rest of the year. However, they’re more spread out, so you won’t be able to take as much holiday in one go – but that’s not to say that you can’t make the most of them and bolster the amount of time that you spend abroad.


  • Monday 29th May is Spring bank holiday
  • Monday 28th August is Summer bank holiday
  • Monday 25th December is Christmas Day
  • Tuesday 26th December is Boxing Day


What are your plans for Easter? Are you taking advantage of the 18-day annual leave heist and going on an all-inclusive holiday, or are you holding out for the summer? Let us know in the comments, and if you’ve found a great Easter break abroad that we haven’t shared, don’t keep it to yourself and share it below.

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